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English Language Colloquium

12. Januar 2023, 18:00 - 20:30

Studienfonds Community is organizing its second colloquium in English Language. The goal of
this colloquium is to create an interdisciplinary space for a diversity of speakers who can
exchange information and knowledge of their scientific subjects in English. We are looking for
participants who want to share their learnings and expertise by giving short presentations (15
min presentation followed by Q&A). These presentations are supposed to lead to further
discussions and ideas. The colloquium is an opportunity to have conversations beyond one’s
own field. Therefore, we appreciate applications from diverse fields of research topics and a
diverse background of speakers.

For the first time, we are hosting the English Language Colloquium in person at Technische
Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Lemgo.

We are looking for alumni or scholarship holders that want to present their research projects
(this could include your bachelor thesis, master thesis or other project works). These
thesis/projects can also be a ‘work in progress’. The presentations shall be understandable for
the audience, regardless of which field the participants belong to. The entire colloquium will
be held in English.

If you are interested in giving a presentation, please send an e-mail with the presentation topic
and a brief description of your topic to Vishal Rangras (vishal.rangras@stud.th-owl.de) or
Gianluca Armeli (email address to be announced). The deadline for the submissions is Dec 2nd,

Further information concerning the event will be sent once all the applications are processed.

The event will be open to a max of 36 attendees.


12. Januar 2023
18:00 - 20:30


Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


Studienfonds Community e.V.