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First English Colloquium in Person

Uzma Afreen Jaffer and Amartya Kaviraj presenting their startup idea “Pictura”.

The first opportunity to present your own research project, your own thesis or your own idea in person: That was the English Language Colloquium on 12 January. After the first English Language Colloquium, which was held online, an interested crowd of former and current scholarship holders met at the TH OWL in Lemgo.

The evening started with a talk by Uzma Afreen Jaffer and Amartya Kaviraj about their startup idea „Pictura“, a blockchain-based social media platform. Maik Gärner then presented his work from the Faculty of Physics, where nanomagnets are used to build transistors. Finally, Maja Settertobulte presented the results of her bachelor’s thesis on the bioactivity of spruce forests.

Vishal and Gianluca from the Studienfonds Community were happy to organise a thematically broad colloquium for different audiences. Each presentation was followed by a short discussion with some interesting questions from the audience. Afterwards, there was time for further exchange on a personal level.

If you’d like to present your work to your peers in the Studienfonds Community, or if you’d like to contribute to the English language programme, please contact us by email: kontakt@studienfondscommunity.de